The World

Sanctuary is a land that is just like earth, where magic and the supernatural are what they see in books and in movies; they do not exist in reality. However, ever since the continent split during recent events, the supernatural keep making more and more appearances. This is something that the Sanctuary Authorities can simply not allow! Will you fight with the Enforcers, against the threat of magic and myths, or will you rebel against the government, and see to it that those of fantasy are free!

Eokia is a land of pure myths and magic, where the more authoritarian human civilizations rarely dare to tread. Many groups dot the land of Eokia, as it contains all biomes. Groups within Eokia may include mythical clans, tribes, cities, towns, organizations, and much more. Anything can exist here, generally in peace. There is no formal government, though some groups from within may try to assume further control or domination.

Necropolis can be found not in the physical realm, but in the astral planes - the spiritual world. It is a land of those with tainted souls, who are out to influence and dominate the cosmos with their chaos. Only the strong will live, and the weak will die. Their realm can be reached by straying too far out or under the murky black waters in the southern ocean. The land of Necropolis itself takes the form of a dark and somewhat frightening version of modern cities, ancient landscapes, or natural terrains.