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Anything new, such as updates or site-wide plots and events will be posted here by the staff!
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Write up the information on your character and post it here! Biographies are optional, but encouraged.
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Here you may create plot pages, roleplay requests, trackers, or discussions concerning story and the direction of groups and plots.
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Story of the World

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Welcome to the Quest Corner, where you may review Quests to take on, or view Events, past or present, pertaining to the site plot!

Civilizations & Societies

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Sanctuary is the name of a massive group located on a gargantuan continent that appears to be just like earth. Everyone on this continent is sheltered from the knowledge and existence of magic and anything deemed unnatural- or even supernatural. The humans of Sanctuary have advanced technology to keep magic out, and to erase the minds of those who perhaps have witnessed something mystical or mythical. They are rigid in their rules, and hunt and persecute those who wield powers or are not exactly human. To most of the people of Sanctuary, however, everyday life is normal, and what we might call average and peaceful.
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Not even existing in the physical realm, but on an astral plane, Necropolis stands tall and strong, posing a hidden threat to all who wish to live peacefully. This land is the true ruler of all hells merged together, as it is known as the kingdom and capital of all those shady evil ones. Demons, Cerberus, Fallen Angels, Hydras, and Evil and Monstrous Spirits all flock to this place, in a constant struggle for power. Unless a mortal has astral or spiritual powers, they cannot reach the city of darkness that is Necropolis. Tread here at your own risk.
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With sheer elemental power, and creative energy magical races formed a new continent. By casting a complex magical barrier over the land they created a place where magic could thrive and grow without fear of non-magical technologies taking root. Many agreed to come, including some human allies, and start a new life. In Eokia there are vast cities and towns, thriving with urban life, and also great natural expanses, perfect for those who prefer a lifestyle closer to nature. There are many mysteries hidden on this giant landmass which maybe even its ancient creators do not know of.


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The world beyond the places where civilizations have settled is an unsettling mystery. Out there, there is everything, and more. This 'reality' does not end with just the physical world either, as more exists beyond the shadows.
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Wild lands where creatures dwell, and human civilization is rarely seen.
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The place known by many names- the Cosmos, the Heavens, the Celestial Spheres, and so on, are all connected as Astral Planes. Be it the afterlife, the spiritual world, or the void, all such beings originating from these realms roam and rule.
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